Our passion for bathroom’s was extended to Wetrooms or Wet area’s in 2006,  with the latest technologies targeted at the specific needs for the UK housing market, Wet-rooms are now considered the latest trend for en suites, shower rooms, steam rooms and even the main bathroom replacing the traditional shower enclosure . Stylish simple lines, usually door less and much larger spaces than the average shower. They are the perfect antidotes to our ever-increasingly cluttered lives especially in the bathroom, providing there is room and they are practical to install one.

Wet-room specialists

A wet-room has no rule or design format, a true wetroom is just a completely watertight room or area simply furnished with a shower and a glass panel to deflect water, and usually the starting point for a steam room construction , there’s no conventional shower tray as such but a shower area, in most cases a dedicated sub-base which ensure’s continuation of the floor.

A wet area is very similar, you can have a ‘raised’ wet area too if the construction of your bathroom has solid floors or surface drainage, although only a specific area of the room is tanked in a wet-area and therefore has no space or size limitations, best to seek advice from your installer. Enquire about installation from our installation business www.wetroomsteamroombathroom.co.uk

Wetroom Safety

Safety in a wet room is of paramount importance too,  for those amongst us that are a little unsteady or just aching more than usual, but don’t want that standard clinic look, but more rather a Hotel spa feel, using showering products from companies such as www.keuco.co.uk

Experienced Professionals in Wetrooms

So what is Tanking in layman’s terms, tanking is a waterproofing procedure carried out in bathrooms, wet rooms, shower rooms and sauna/steam rooms which protects the building against moisture migration and leaks (steam, shower spray, etc).

Contrary to popular belief, all wet room flooring including tiles, adhesives and grouts are permeable and therefore can allow moisture to migrate into the structure over time causing mould growth, rot, and in some cases resulting in structural damage, so all works should be carried out by experienced professionals, it’s not the average job carried out by a plumber however qualified.

Key elements of consideration for wetroom simplified, correct wetroom product choice and all these products will be hidden from sight once covered, then correct wetroom choice of tiles etc, all must be flowing towards the shower drain. Effective and sufficient ventilation and highly recommended is underfloor heating as this dries the area quickly.

A luxurious lifestyle feeling is the obvious benefit of a wetroom, because it opens up your bathroom or en-suite and creates a more attractive space, and facilitates contemporary designs.

Flexibility, wet rooms can be installed on wooden or concrete floors, with no pre-determined shower sizes or shapes, and moreover facilitates a shower where a traditional shower tray may not be a viable option.

Also, wet rooms provide fabulous showering facilities for the less able in your family who want to share the homes facilities, with a level access floor wet room.

Grab rails can be added to any wetroom, but can also be cleverly disguised as carriers of waters such as the very clever systems from
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