Shower Panels (Multifunction)

Europe Loves Shower Panels

Europe has had a love affair with multifunction shower panels also known as shower columns too for years, more so than the UK and the only reason for that can be down to the poor offerings from the far east sold over the internet as designer items.

Shower panels have also evolved in too, in terms of water pressure requirements, no longer the water guzzling pump assisted drenching shower towers of the past, to a more water conscious showering experience with built in water management, which means the modern day Combi Boilers and electric hot water storage systems used in homes & apartments are fully compatible.

The installation advantages from a cost perspective considering the multifunction aspect of the shower panels are very cost effective, similar to fitting the most basic of shower mixers.

The design advantages of the modern day shower panels are for all to see, and below are some of our favourites, from innovative established European brands.

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Glass 1989

Glass1989 have created a enviable range of Multi-function shower panels to suit all price ranges, true innovators too with the fabulous modular ranges such as Osmos.

Shower panel Evolution has been happening too at Glass1989 with the product launch of  ‘Modula L’ a first in recessed sectional shower pieces, to combine together to create your individual showering experience.

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OBLIQUE from Zazzeri, is a design concept loved by Architects all over Europe, winner of many awards including the ‘A’ Design Gold Award, and the prestigious ‘RedDot’ 2015 Winner.

Designer ‘Roberto Innocenti’ had clear vision, he wanted to design a steel pilaster, with simple modern looks, functional too with the element of individual design selection.

Extremely modern, a potential design classic in its own right, what works is the low impact on the showering space due to the fact that its partially recessed, a true engineering feat from Zazzeri given the functions available in the Oblique Shower panel concept.