Enjoy a safe and independent showering & bathing lifestyle, on your terms.

Enjoy a safe and independent showering & bathing lifestyle, on your terms.

Sometimes there are events in our life that ‘force our hand’ as it were in terms of showering and bathing, sometimes there’s no going back to the lifestyle that we take for granted, these events don’t mean a sense of style is lost as well.

Easy In, easy out, whether taking a bath, or enjoying a shower is just now more of a consideration is respect of feeling safer, and maintaining freedom. We believe that there is a choice between the seriously unappealing plastic shower baths, found in the Sunday supplement’s and flyers, and the very hospital looking vinyl flooring Wetroom’s.

European thought process is that independent living bathing products should blend elegantly into your home décor, make you feel even more secure, comfortable, and proud to be living independently.

Generation X Luxury Range, Three Styles for Three Different Lifestyles from Italy ‘Treesse’

The easy-to-use features of many of the walk-in bath tubs we aim to showcase will provide you with an exceptional bathing experience and peace of mind.

Generation Y Design Range, Three Style Options, Simpler Design, 100% Italian ‘Treesse’


More practical innovation’s in independent living can be found nearer to our shores, with French company ‘Kinedo’ with the latest production ‘Kineduo Series 3’ Duo of course meaning two functions, shower & bathing, moreover this model is very much in line with UK thinking and UK bathroom layouts, what’s clever though is the approach to ‘Multi Generation Households’ were everyone’s needs have to be respected, the Kineduo ticks all the boxes. The Kineduo can be used in conjunction with all the super showering products offered, from Grohe, Keuco etc.

French Connection, Kineduo Connects the Whole Families Bathing & Showering Requirements




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