CoCo – Captivating New Bathroom Furniture Designs from Burgbad

I have to applaud this new bathroom design line ‘CoCo’ from Burgbad, and the new way of thinking from probably one of Germanys finest bathroom furniture producers.

Classically in the positive sense, much of the portfolio from Burgbad has been quite Germanic in its styling, nothing wrong with that, but this is a different direction and it works.

Burgbad CoCo Guest Metal Framed washstation


Burgbad’s new vision & direction lead to a collaboration with Spanish Design Studio ‘Lievore Altherr Molina’ but not totally forgetting the quality manufacture principles of Burgbad, to many it was seen a a master stroke to have German born established designer Jeanette Altherr together with her partners in design Alberto Lievore and Manuel Molina creating this new look.

Some would say ‘CoCo’ has the hallmarks of Scandinavian poise & sensuality, others would say it has a cosy and warm feeling to the design, I personally like the simple thinking for example ‘A cabinet with a mirror, not a mirror cabinet’ which for Burgbad in my opinion is a positive change of direction.

Burgbad CoCo Cabinet with Mirror

I particular like the Industrial materials used to create the CoCo collection, but credit to the design team for combining this with soft lines, which should connect with feminine tastes too, it’s as if the designers of ‘CoCo’ and Burgbad have found the golden ticket for there latest bathroom offering.

Burgbad CoCo 2

So there you have it, trendy Urban wash-stations from Burgbad, four very appealing sizes single basins 600m, 900mm, 1200mm and the double basin wash-station a very generous 1500mm, with a good choice of cabinet finishes as you would expect from Burgbad, and a rather gorgeous circular washing bowl.

Burgbad CoCo 3

Looking forward to more collaborations from Burgbad, this certainly works for me.

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  1. Looks and Reads fantastically well Gary

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