ArtWeger Walk-In Baths

The Ultimate Shower bath from ARTWEGER  ‘The Art Of Bathing’

Great showering facilities are the perfect start to the day, great showering & bathing facilities are addressed with Artweger, this page will be dedicated to igniting your imagination, giving you the tools to be creative at a time when your independence is a key consideration in your next bathroom purchase, when showering or bathing is now a major consideration due to injury or the natural ageing process, whilst considering other persons within the household.

Showering & bathing in a multi-generation household has too be right for everyone, having a safe showering area too for the young & the not too young, can easily be combined with Artweger.

See our multi generational bathing by Artweger (Austria).


Not just a dual function bathing experience, but a design concept for today more compact homes, a perfect solution for apartments and apartment living.

This Video below shows just how flexible the Artweger Twinline 2 Bath is.