Thomas Crapper

Thomas Crapper ‘A mythical brand ‘ Not anymore.

A very British bathroom institution with a truly unique story to tell, a very distinguished history with 148 years of Royal Warrants over four reigns, specialising in traditional vintage and Victoriana sanitaryware from original molds and casting’s, and produced with the same quality raw materials thats synonymous with the ‘Thomas Crapper’ brand.

Todays celebrity chef royalty ‘Jamie Oliver’ chose Thomas Crapper for all the washroom facilities in his chain of restaurants, classic Jamie supporting british institutions.

Thomas Crapper didn’t invent the Wc, but certainly had a big hand in the modern shaping of Wc’s as we know it today, a true pioneer and inventor, in fact the underground ‘U’ bend ( Disconnecting Trap ) was responsible in clearing up sewerage smells in London and afar.


The ‘Crapper Difference ‘ well its a bold statement, but if you require attention to detail in the true traditional sense, then explore the brochure to see the way a ‘Thomas Crapper’ bathroom set is put together, for example Timber Patresses to match Toilet seats.

Toilet Cistern brackets made from original castings