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I’ve been establish in Bolton primarily in the bathrooms side of the home improvement market since 1988, based in Astley Bridge, but just recently I was in the market for a kitchen, since I’m in the KBB ( Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bedrooms ) Industry, I just wanted to find a decent supplier to only supply me a kitchen, preferably a German kitchen because they are perceived to be the best, and having sold many German made products they are, well I thought they were.

How times change, its true to say everyone aspires to a German Kitchen, but theres a UK manufacturer ‘Crown Imperial’ right up there in terms of quality and design, but with choice, too much choice sometimes.

Going back to the hunt for my kitchen, I had a budget like most, bit of flexibility for innovation if I felt if need, but my basic kitchen budget was for the units and tops, obviously you can buy appliances online, so I wasn’t looking at stores for those purchases.

I’ve never been a salesman as such, if a client venture’s into my showroom, its a quick hello, if you need help, just shout, feel free to browse, keep it simple, if people want to know they will ask.

I found it quite difficult to get a price for just the units I wanted, without being invited to sit down, get comfy etc, lets look at some plans etc, make sure everything fits, some wanted to talk about using there installation team, they will project manage etc, that’s not what I wanted really, like most people I have precious little time.

I tried certain large trade outfits, one large chain wanted me to become registered with them, having registered once, I was told it expires every 12/24 months, so I thought ok lets register, only to find out in the end, they would be one of the dearest quotes, and in my opinion product ok, but didn’t tick to many boxes.

Finally I went to Wren, just to look at colours, but I met an ‘Old School’ salesman, more luck than anything, told him what I do, and what I want, and he obliged, no sales pitch, no appointments, I did however give him one chance to get the price right, I want a bottom line, none of this 70% off nonsense, free fitting carry on, let me see the manager etc, I just want the bottom line and he got the message, pressed the button and we shook hands.

The only minor hiccup was, he had to do a plan anyway after the event for company policy reasons, and to be fair it was a great experience, and kitchen arrived duly, no problems.

Most of the clients ‘Public & Trade’ I want to attract to my showroom is pretty much similar requirements to mine up above, trade generally know what they want anyway, and the public looking for this kind of supply only service, usually are working with tradesmen or very good at DIY.

Simple conclusion based on facts and insider knowledge provide a simple no frills option to buy a quality kitchen or bedroom in the Bolton, Bury & Manchester area, to clients who know roughly what they want, and working on a reasonable budget public & trade alike.

So how do we sell Kitchens & Bathrooms, simple over 90 door finishes on one central stand from Crown Imperial, 3 compact displays showing the ranges ‘Lifestyle’ and ‘Crown Imperial’

One display of ‘Crown Bedrooms’ and ‘Lifespace’ using the same central door finish stand.

What’s more we can offer flat pack too if space is a premium for storage.

Interestingly enough i had allowed in my budget and my mind a generous sum to embrace new innovations in technology around the kitchen, and rather than go for the likes of built in coffee machines, etc, i had heard of boiling water taps and this got my attention.

Working on the theory that boiling a kettle costs 6p per boil, and in a household that can put the kettle on at least ten times a day, and more if visitors arrived, arriving at the conclusion that my kettle costs me 60p per day and you have to watch it boil.

I studied several brands in the Boiling water tap market, such as Quooker, Franke, Perrin & Rowe, and we decided on the Quooker for home, and ‘Franke Omni 4 in 1’ for the  showroom as plans were a foot for development.

We choose the Quooker Fusion for our home purely on the safety feature, and the delivery speed of the boiling water, we also opted for the separate filtered water mixer.

Both equally great ‘Boiling Hot Water Taps’ both with fool proof safety devices to deliver the boiling water, which is a major deciding factor over cheaper alternatives, both deliver 100 Degrees C boiling water, which it the point of the exercise, both are built to last with spare parts readily available.

Its worth pointing out that there is a certain amount of space needed under the sink to fit the boiling water storage unit, feel free to have a look in the studio.

And they make a lovely brew.

Then came the next chapter or saga of choosing a kitchen sink, and the difference is almost  worlds apart


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