Fiora ‘Touch your Bathroom’


‘Touch your Bathroom’ whilst its always difficult to write and comment on bathroom furniture and fittings, as it can be hard work looking for an inspirational starting point.

However we are talking about a well established company based in Spain with an unrivalled reputation throughout Europe, and certain parts of the World for quality well designed bathroom furniture, and more, a whole lot more.

Talking constructively about the difference’s in Vanity bathroom furniture compared to Fiora has been made simple, because there is a huge difference in styling, its not just a box with drawers.

The hook ‘Touch your Bathroom’ is genius in marketing terms, years of experience in the bathroom interior industry, so initially this would have puzzled me as a hook or strap line. As a retailer with one eye on bathroom design trends, i have never felt the need to run me fingers over a basin before, but because of all the textures offered by Fiora, you are drawn to want to touch.

Fiora  reinvent a classic look with ‘Vivaldi’ elegance modern styling, essence of a bygone era, two decor/texture styles, with 8 colour finishes, one or two drawer options, choice of washbasins.

When you see Fiora for the first time, your are drawn to the mineral cast basins infused in the texture’s created by Fiora, the urge to ‘Touch your Bathroom’ is apparent.

The feeling of materials created by Fiora, is almost skin like, the warmth of the product is for all to see.

There is a lot to take in initially when looking at for the first time, as a bathroom professional since 1988, even i was taken aback with all the different designs and styles, in particular the colours, and creative textures, including similarities to linen, florals, vintage and more, all available in a fabulous spectrum of colours from the outrageous Purples to Greens, Silver to Golds, fusions of colours too.

Complimenting the Fiora range of bathroom furniture is a range of gorgeous framed mirrors and cabinets, enough to satisfy the most discerning of clients.

Just when your think ‘could it get any better’ the answer definitely ‘yes” with a complimentary range of matching radiators with a style of there own compared to other radiators on the market, but the perfect accompaniment to the whole Fiora furniture range, and especially important to the designer apartment market, which are mainly all electric.

Fiora, not content with complimenting bathroom vanity furniture, super ranges of mirrors and cabinets, also offer the full showering ‘walk in shower’ experience with a range of shower trays and matching shower wall panels, that reinforce the meaning or the hook as earlier portrayed ‘Touch your Bathroom’

Last but not least, enjoy the vast website, and get in touch for a competitive supply price, we supply all over the UK

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