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Welcome to our ‘Crown Imperial Bedrooms & Lifespace’ Page, featuring Bedrooms and living lifestyle spaces for all tastes and pockets.

Here you will hopefully find the answer to your requirements for just a supply only ‘British Made’ Bedroom and living lifestyle spaces to be fitted by your Developer, Builder, Joiner, DIY.

Were here to help, but first why not have a look at the ‘Best of Britain’ in Bedroom & Living lifestyle spaces Manufacturer.

Why not call in and take away the current bedroom brochure, its free and given with no obligation, or request the electronic version.

Bedrooms isn’t much different from bathrooms, its all about preparation, and its all about what we can do to improve our lifestyle within the home, in this case Bedrooms, and living life style spaces.

Its all about service too, were offering great quality Bedrooms & Life Space, that can be delivered right to your door, with enough notice we can book a certain day to deliver to you, we can offer you a discount of the RRP, although nothing silly like the 50% offered in the big stores, we prefer to have the same RRP all year round, and offer the same discount, after all, you have designed your room with your preferred unit layout, we put the price together and add the trimming s to make perfect.

Colour has a influential impact on the way we live, our Crown Imperial Bedrooms & Life Space offers ‘Colour Crafted Living’ with a comprehensive range of colours, whether its neutral shades, or Vibrant tones, maybe delicate subtle tones, maybe natural timber finishes, Crown Imperial offer over 80 Finishes, to give you and your next bedroom project endless combinations.

Crown Imperial offer some modern ‘Life Space ‘ options too, because there’s a budding designer in all of us, together in a relaxed way we can create any space. Life Space is based upon a versatile shelving system, with three height options and two width options.

With all ‘Life Space’ design’s, you can mix and match colours and textures for todays modern design trends, or keep it simple and classic.

Introducing ‘Movie Space’

Introducing  ‘Living Space’

Introducing  ‘Work Space’

Introducing  ‘Children’s Space’

Introducing  ‘Hobby Space’

Introducing  ‘Study Space’

Introducing  ‘Music Space’

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