Why you should consider Shower Panels

I like to think I’m a ‘Wingman’ to ‘Interior Designers’ and to a degree to the buying public as well these days, one thing that has always escaped me is the lack of interest in Shower Panels or Shower Columns some may call them.

With the rising costs of Bathroom & Shower Installation, these Showering products surely must be worth consideration if they only require two pipes and are considered a second fix item, in the basic format.

Fully Thermostatic and multi functional

Shower panels are usually fully thermostatic, and have multi functions such as, Overhead Shower, Body jets, and a hand shower. Ingenious design’s especially from Italian company Glass1989 even incorporate storage for showering products.


Shower wall panel Glam by Glass 1989

Glass 1989 | Product: Glam | Integrated storage & Waterfall

So if you were to compare like for like products from a function perspective, ie composite showering products such as Dornbracht, Grohe etc against a Shower column, I think you would be pleasantly surprised.

Design doesn’t have to break the bank either, ShowerWave from Glass1989 represents excellent value too, considering the options on colour all the same price, White, Stone Beige, Charcoal Grey. and the Plylite construction gives a blade like appearance.


Shower wall panel Showerwave by Glass 1989

Glass 1989 | Product: Showerwave, Stone Beige


See more about our shower panels on our portfolio page by Zazzeri and Glass1989.

Zazzeri Created ‘Obliqua’ which is not quite your average shower panel, its a stunning mixture of technology, Italian engineering mixed with a design idea by International Designer Roberto Innocenti to create the felling of an empty room with water flowing from it.


Zazzeri succeeded in creating interesting options too with the ‘Obliqua’ shower panel, available in 3 design options, one with a built in waterfall function, and also the option to have the column ‘back lit’. Its worth noting from the images the inviting shower patterns and the way the water falls onto your body, we think its the ultimate shower column to elevate your showering experience to that ‘Spa Feeling’ in you own home, thats Obliqua


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