BathBox Clever Storage

BathBox from Volume K, its clever integral storage to be built in into functional & designer bathroom projects.

How are you going to use your BathBox ?? Lets look at the various options below.

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BathBox is very flexible in how it can be used and who would use it, its ‘Carte Blanc’ as far design is concerned, this bathroom could easily have been adapted for assistive bathing, or for the client who uses a wheel chair for example to shower, everything is at low level and in easy organised reach, extremely simple to use ‘push to open & push to close’.

You can build your BathBox in a dividing wall, simply choose whatever width you require, 150mm or 300mm, you may decide to build your BathBox under a bath, its completely waterproof so there are no limits, outside the direct water area.

So whats the option for BathBox, well theres 300mm and 150mm widths, choice of Chrome, Anthracite, and White in the 15 model, but in the 30 model, there is the options with the ‘Pure’ & ‘Style’ flexible ranges.

Its all about ‘You’ with the YouBox accessories system.

Further details, get in touch with Gary 07540924838 or use the contact page